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Our Story

Provo Christian School is a long time, respected private elementary school of Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands, having been established in 1982 by one of its prominent community members, the late Rev. Thomas A. Rigby.  Rev. Rigby, also fondly called, “Uncle Tom” or “Pastor Tom”, founded this school to provide the church families and the surrounding communities with a Christ-centered institute to enhance their children’s educational and spiritual development. 

Our Mission

Building Tomorrow's Leaders

Our School

Provo Christian School was established in 1982 for boys and girls from Nursery to Grade 6, to provide a high quality program to develop students for higher education and Christian service.


Our Mission

Our mission here at Provo Christian School is to provide academic excellence within a Biblically-based and challenging academic environment, which is focused on building Christian values and character.


Our Goal

Establish Christian truths as a guide for life 

Instil pure morals in the heart of the students

Maintain a high academic standard


“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old,
he will not depart from it.”

- Proverbs 22:6

We are the oldest private academic establishment in Providenciales. What began as a pre-kindergarten learning center grew over the years into a full elementary school to serve as an extension of the home in Christian education. 


The first classes were held in the Sunday School hall of the church, which consisted of a nursery and kindergarten classes. Seeing a need for additional space as more and more parents sought enrollment for their children, Pastor Rigby, out of his own proceeds, constructed the first schoolhouse which consisted of three classrooms. Through gifts donated by Christian friends, he was able to furnish the classrooms. In the late 1980’s, the school was able to expand its enrollment and provide academics for grades 1 and 2.


In 1999, another building was constructed to facilitate the add-on of additional grades. Pastor Tom was able to secure donations from several churches & educational groups from the United States. With this building in place, we were able to gradually increase the grade levels.


By early 2007, construction of a new school house began and was completed in August 2008. With the new schoolhouse, the Gene Davis Hall, the School was now equipped to provide full library service, a computer learning center, a music hall, an auditorium, a business office and a few classrooms. 


All of this could not have been realized without the help of trusted friends who believed in our mission and vision for Provo Christian School. Among those who contributed so much of their time, energy, efforts, and donations, were Princie Harris of Provo Construction, Mark Durliat of the Grace Bay Resorts, Russell Alwell of Construction Advisory, Anthony Walkin of Conservative Architects, Natalie Zaidan of Environmental Arts, Michael Simmons from Cayman Islands, Byron G. Davis and Mrs. Dorothy Davis from Forest, Virginia, Liberty University and Lynchburg Christian Academy in Lynchburg, Virginia, Thomas Road Baptist Church and Beulah Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia, and Berean Baptist Church in North Carolina. May God bless you. 


Our Turks and Caicos School Teachers & Staff

Geneive Lewis Principal.jpg
New Staff - Debbie.jpg
Martha Rigby


Geneive Lewis


Debbie Rigby

Office Assistant

Shawyna Yaw

Grade 6

Grade 5 Teacher-Doneil Masters.jpg
Doneil Masters

Grade 5

Grade 4 teacher - Shakira Scafe.jpg
Shakira Scafe

Grade 4

Terry-Ann Roberts.jpg
Terry-Ann Roberts

Grade 3

Novlette Jones

Grade 2

Grade 1 Teacher-Tracey Williams.jpg
Tracey Williams

Grade 1

Crystal Glinton - Teacher Aide.jpg
Crystal Glinton

Teacher- K5

Olive Gardiner

Teacher - K4

Emily Chisolm

Teacher - K3

Aux Staff - Claire.jpg
Cleana Jean-Philippe


Aux Staff - Mimose.jpg
Mimose Gaetant


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