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Turks and Caicos Schools Academics


Provo Christian School’s academic program is based on an integration of the traditional Christian A-Beka curriculum as well as the Turks and Caicos curriculum as required by the Ministry of Education. The A-Beka curriculum provides a natural progression from developmental learning at the kindergarten level to the grade levels.  In addition to the academics, the students are taught morals and values with a Christian ethical approach to life.


Bible, Science, Language Arts (Phonics, Reading and Comprehension, Poetry, Spelling, Grammar, Creative Writing, Penmanship), Music, Physical Education, Arts & Crafts, Math, Spanish, Computer, & Social Studies.  The school has library resources available for the student needs.



PCS teachers are available for tutorial assistance.  Parents interested in tutoring sessions for their child should first consult the child’s teacher.

After School Classes

After-school classes or extra classes are provided by the class teacher.  Parents who are interested in these classes should consult the child’s teacher for appropriate scheduling. Fee is $5.00 per child for each class session. 


School Supplies

The A-Beka textbooks are available for purchase from the school. The school also provides sale of local textbooks, notebooks, and other school supplies.

Grade Placement

If, in the opinion of the teacher and the principal, a student is unable to handle the work at the grade level to which he is assigned, a conference will be held with the parent(s).  If no alternate solution is found, the student may be required to move to the next appropriate grade level.


Physical Education

Physical Education is a requirement for all students.  Unless the teacher or principal grants a special exception, any student without a note from a parent or doctor must participate in class activities.  Students of grades 1-6 must wear P.E. attire to all classes.

Honour Roll

Honour Roll: An average of 90% or above. Honourable Mention: An average of 80% or above.


Effective classroom discipline is necessary for a good learning experience. Discipline provides guidelines that will ultimately help children learn control and self-discipline.


The need for discipline occurs when authority is ignored or rejected.  Required obedience is based upon the Bible.  Children are told to obey their parents and others in authority. “Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves.” (Hebrews 13:17a).


It is our belief that children thrive best in an atmosphere of genuine love, supported by reasonable, consistent discipline. In cooperation with the home, the school seeks to develop the following characteristics in the students:


  • Cheerful obedience to those in authority.

  • Completing assigned tasks.

  • Courtesy and respect for others. (e.g. being quiet in class, polite manners, raising a hand before speaking, etc.)

  • Personal cleanliness (e.g. keeping tidy and dressing neatly)

  • Respect and care for school property and other people.

  • Promptness in attendance.


The policy of the school is to encourage acceptable behaviour through counseling, conferencing with parents, taking away privileges, assigning merits or demerits, corporal punishment (spanking), detention (lunch time or after school), suspension, and/or expulsion.


As the school seeks to instil morally good conduct in all students, we ask for the parents’ assistance in this area.  Parents who are threatening and/or physically or verbally abusive towards administration, teachers, students or other parents will be asked to remove their children from school.  Attendance at Provo Christian School is a privilege.


Demerit points are assigned for the following misconducts:        

  • Bringing electronic games, cell phones, etc., without permission      2 

  • Chewing gum in class                                                                         1

  • Not complying with hair and dress codes                                           1-2

  • Failure to complete assigned homework after 3 warnings                  1-2

  • Using foul language                                                                             2-3

  • Lying, cheating, stealing, name calling                                                3-4

  • Deliberate destruction of school property, fighting                              4-8

  • Disrespect to staff or parents                                                               2-3

  • Tardiness to class after recess or lunch                                              1

  • Three unexcused late attendances                                                     1

  • Jumping, sliding, climbing, running on stairs or banisters                  2

  • Leaving the school property without permission                                 2


Demerits are assigned by the Principal or Administrator. Assigning demerits and punishment for any other misconduct not listed above will be left to the discretion of the Principal.  Each demerit slip sent home must be signed by a parent or legal guardian and returned to the school the following day.


The following actions will be taken with the accumulation of 10 or more demerits:


Warning letter sent to parents    Accumulation of 10 demerits

Suspension for 3 to 5 days        Accumulation of 20 demerits

Expulsion                                   Accumulation of 25 demerits

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