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Turks and Caicos School Banner Competition

On Friday, January 18th, 2019, The Department of Social Development within the Ministry of Home Affairs, Transportation and Communication continued its celebration of Universal Children’s Day at the Gus Lightbourne Complex. It hosted a banner competition opened to primary and high schools with its theme “Our Children: their Education, their Future, their Voice”. Provo Christian School received the winning trophy in this competition.

The banner was creatively done by the Grade 5 student’s with the use of all recyclable materials such as egg cartons, card board boxes, newspaper and old magazine pages, shopping bags, crushed egg shells, grounded chalk and crayons, pencil and crayon shavings, large garbage bags, canvas and an old uniform pant. Three students represented the school. They were Jelena Riviere, Salvetria Harvey and Ethan Charles from Grades 5 and Grade 6 respectively.


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